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About Werksta

Werksta Group was established in Sweden in 2015 and is now the leading damage repair chain in the Nordics. We have more than 100 workshops in Sweden, Finland and Norway offering high quality damage repair services. In Sweden you will find 31 workshops from Örnsköldsvik to Malmö. In Finland, we operate under the name Autoklinikka, which dates back to 1992. Here we have almost 60 workshops, owned and franchisees, which makes us a truly nationwide chain in Finland. Werksta expanded to Norway in 2018 and now has 14 workshops. The strong progress of growth for the Werksta Group continues.

We want to make the damage handling as easy and comfortable as possible for all our customers. We do this by offering excellent customer service and high quality with a competitive total repair cost. The aim is to also provide the same recognisable service level and pleasant workshop look and feel for all our customers in all the countries where we are present.

During the past years, Werksta Group has rapidly been developed into the forerunner in the industry. We see great potential in developing the whole value chain and questioning the status quo. With the aim to succeed not only by developing our shared business with our customers, but also by focusing on the internal development projects with our talented people. We are determined to continue on this growth path and are proud to carry the leading role in the industry.

At Werksta, we contribute to sustainable development by increasing environmental awareness throughout the value chain and minimizing the negative environmental impact of our operations. Read more about our sustainability policy here.

Our Customers

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Corporate Customers

In addition to individual customers, we serve multiple corporate customers including international leasing companies. We are also a trusted partner for all major insurance companies in the damage handling process. We aim to support insurance companies customer satisfaction by our own service-oriented way of working.

To serve our corporate customers well we are willing to offer tailored service processes, for example offering damage inspections at the customer’s site.

Quality and Authorisations

We focus solely on damage handling and aim to excel in all aspects of this service. Our technicians undergo continuous training to the highest standard and we constantly monitor the quality of our services with internal audits. Customer service is the heart of our business and we track our success daily. We continuously ask our customers for feedback and follow up on it immediately.

We are proud to be the authorized damage repair partner for multiple car brands. One good example is being the authorized damage repair partner for Tesla. Other examples of authorisations includes Mercedes, Audi, VW and Volvo. The technological development in the industry is accelerating and we aim to keep up with it by continuous training and education.

We repair all vehicles according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This is how we secure that the vehicle returns on the road as safe as it was before the damage. We also secure that the manufacturer’s warranty remains the same as it was prior to the damage.

More details about the authorisations on Werksta’s country specific site pages:

Our Values

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We believe that the only way we can succeed and make our customers happy is to secure that our people are happy at work. This is why we treat each other with respect and support our people to grow within their roles. We work hard to reach our goals and we do it according to our values.

Our company values are:


People are the foundation of our work. While we are all different, everyone and everyone’s work is equally important. Titles are secondary – we lead by example. We are friendly and we care. This is how we create a unique team spirit.


We are true and genuine. We keep our promises to our customers, partners and to each other. We approach our work with high integrity and communicate openly. This is how we build trust.


We are a professional and competent team. We have the ambition to go the extra mile for our customers. We are proud of our work, but eager to develop. This is how we lead the industry.


We treat our customers, partners and each other with respect. We are in charge of our actions and deliver on time. For the environment, we repair rather than replace – because we can. This is how we are responsible.


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We are the leading Nordic damage repair chain with more than 800 people working with us. In this environment, we can not only provide excellent trainings but more importantly we can offer a work environment where continuous learning from colleagues is possible. Being Nordic, there are also opportunities for cross border work experiences and roles. As we are a growing company, we continuously look for new people to join our growth story. We welcome you to contact our local HR departments:

Sustainability policy

Werksta provides damage handling services, including repair and painting of vehicles to insurance companies, private companies and consumers through quality assured workshops.

At Werksta, we contribute to sustainable development by increasing environmental awareness throughout the value chain and minimizing the negative environmental impact of our operations.

We strive for a safe, equal and diverse workplace with engaged and committed employees.

We support the UN Global Compact and based on the UN’s global goals, we require our suppliers to follow defined codes of conduct and consider this when purchasing and procuring for the company.

The sustainability policy is communicated to all employees within the company. It is the responsibility of each manager to ensure that employees affected by specific goals, rules, routines, etc. are informed. Purchasing manager is responsible for evaluating suppliers. Ultimate responsibility for the sustainability policy and routines lies with the CEO.

Read more about how we work with sustainability locally in each country




Read our Sustainability report 2023

Environmental policy

Werksta works systematically and actively to identify and mitigate environmental impact. At minimum, we comply with applicable legal requirements with regard to our environmental aspects, and we always strive to excel. Certain activities are specifically regulated for larger units. In Werksta we have chosen to apply the same level of self-control regulation and routines at all units.
Werksta has identified 4 main areas of significant environmental impact:
– Use of Spare parts
– Energy consumption
– Chemical use
– Waste management

To manage the above-mentioned areas and to constantly develop our sustainability work, Werksta has a program that is evaluated annually.

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We publish many news per country. Please visit our local pages:


For Media

We are happy to invite media to get to know us and our work. Media is also welcome to take a guided tour around our sites to see how the work is carried out. For any requests, please contact our local marketing and communications: